I’m a paramedic but I can answer this 100 days got me feelin’ like Hei Hei shirt. I was taking a patient to the ER this afternoon. As I walked by one room, I saw security, a doctor and multiple nurses. The patient was standing in an offensive manner yelling at the doctor. The doctor told him that he had to be nice. He yelled back I am being nice! I was fucked on morphine. To which the doctor replied You told me to unplug someone and let them die so you could get a room!” I busted out laughing and kept walking.

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I sat in municipal traffic court to observe how justice is served in 100 days got me feelin’ like Hei Hei shirt. The courtroom was packed. The first case was a speeding offense. The tall professional man walked to the rail and identified himself. The judge demanded a reason for his speeding. The man said he was a physician and he was speeding to the emergency room to provided critical care for an accident victim. The judge considered this and said. “You’re a doctor. You must make a lot of money.” The man said he made a reasonable amount and told the judge his annual salary. The judge then raised his fine three times. The magistrate had no law training and before he was given a robe and gavel for the courtroom he has served on a county commission for five years.



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