Many years ago, a good friend of mine was going through a 100 real Bears fans wear pink Chicago Bears shirt. I’d see him frequently because he was somewhat depressed over the whole situation, and it was helpful to talk about it. I usually called before dropping over, but that day, I was going by and decided on impulse to see if he was home and felt like a visit. I followed with a heavy heart, with that feeling that my stomach had just gone to the top of my chest, having visions of my friend with a needle in his arm in the execution chamber. Old sparky had just been refurbished. I wondered if he be the first to take a ride.

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We walked into the kitchen a quite a 100 real Bears fans wear pink Chicago Bears shirt. His wife was half Cherokee, and in happier times, he had bought her a life size wood Indian maiden. It was standing in the kitchen with a couple of holes in it. I felt a profound sense of relief, even giddiness. He had a big smile. He said “You thought it was her didn’t you”. I nodded. “I may be crazy at times, but I’m not stupid. I’d only do this to an effigy. Try out my easy chair in the living room. It has a great path right into the kitchen. I flopped down into his overstuff leather easy chair. There was a set of ear muffs on the adjacent table. “It would make me feel better if you tried your hand too” he said. What the hell, I came by to make him feel better.



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