After about the second time 2020 Donald Trump I’ll be back signatures shirt, she had the nerve to tell me the pain was in all my head. I assured her that it wasn’t in my head but in my belly. They only where doing internal exams. Never did an ultrasound. It got to the point that my belly starting growing. I knew I wasn’t gaining weight. I actually was losing weight because of the pain. By this time, with 2 young children at home, I spent most of my days laying in the sofa. Thankfully my children were in school. I actually spent 15 months on the sofa by the end of this experience. I literally thought they were going to let me die.

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The next time I was in their office, I just finished a visit with 2020 Donald Trump I’ll be back signatures shirt. I came out and my doctor was standing there at the front desk. I asked her when she was coming back. She said next week. I told the receptionist to make me an appointment. I came in to see her. She couldn’t believe I was still having the same problem. I told her what happened with her partner. She definitely surprised. She exams me. My abdomen had become hard and rigid. This scared me. She ordered an ultrasound. My uterus had grown to the size of 5 month fetus.



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