I was working for a company that had an 42 Years of 1977 2019 Star Wars signature shirt. After about 6 months I was taking with my supervisor and told her that I would need a hip replacement in the next year or so. About a week later, they had set up an appointment with a local orthopedist and he confirmed it. I explained to him I was a retired military member and that my military health insurance would pay for it. He said OK. After picking myself up and dusting off the dirt, I found a better job in 2 weeks with a company that believed in taking care of its employees, had great benefits and had a broader view of technology and the worth of good developers.

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I continued to work tor them for the 42 Years of 1977 2019 Star Wars signature shirt, before I retired. The raw egg carries a small risk of bacterial infection, even if you wash the shell, but it is not too risky for a healthy person. The shell can be ground OR dissolved in vinegar overnight and added to a sweet drink. I’ll excuse him (kinda) because he grew up in a household where the males outnumbered the females 3 to 1, and his mother never really explained the female ‘facts of life’ to him. Also, though he had several girlfriends during his single years, he never lived with any of them, nor apparently had any conversations about menstruation with them. I guess as long as they weren’t telling him they were ‘late’, he was happy to be ignorant about the female reproductive system.



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