Summer came. Tanya invited us to All I want for Christmas is a Niffler shirt. When we came over, Sergey was there, sitting at the table, very cool and collected. She never mentioned he was back. They were trying to reconcile, apparently. We excused ourselves and migrated to the backyard and couldn’t even speak. The situation was uncomfortable. We struggled to support Tanya, but it was just very strange how neither she nor Sergey found it necessary to talk to us about his absence, or the awful way he just disappeared from our lives without offering an explanation.

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Were we not friends? What did our relationship mean to All I want for Christmas is a Niffler shirt? Was he aware of our support of his abandoned wife and child? After this awkward meal, both Sergey and Tanya continued to behave as usual, but something was broken. I couldn’t really look Sergey in the eye or see him as a friend anymore. My husband practically dragged me to gatherings. I resented being in Sergey’s company. The couple divorced and he married the other girl. Tanya moved there too with her son, accepting an academic position at one of the universities that way, the parents could have shared custody. In a few years, she met another man, remarried, and had twins.



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    Great service and nice quality for the money. On time for our birthday bash abroad.

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    Just a note to say that this was the easiest process to follow and I received my t-shirt within such a short time frame. I left it very late to order and I was really happy with the swift service. Also, the quality of the t-shirt is gorgeous, really soft and allows for great movement. Will be placing another order very soon, thank you.

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