The only way to become a Prince or Princess of Great Britain is if it is granted by the will of the All the Ghouls love me Halloween shirt, usually via letters patent. All such persons are a child of the sovereign, a male line grandchild of the sovereign, or a child of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales. The only exception to this currently is Prince Philip, who was personally appointed to the rank by the Queen following her ascension.

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This occurred because he was not ordinarily entitled to any particular rank as the consort of a All the Ghouls love me Halloween shirt, and likely also because he had given up the princely titles he was born with in order to marry her. The wives of British princes do however have the right to be styled using the feminine equivalent of their husband’s titles according to common law, as is usual for any woman in the United Kingdom. For awhile I have been pondering this question, and how to articulate it, and it really comes down to how heterosexual men flirt and engage with women. Bear in mind I am making wide generalizations here; I know this doesn’t describe all men, either gay or straight, yet I find it to be recurring enough that I think it’s pretty fair to identify it as a pattern.



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