Her field was English fiction, poetry, and Baby Yoda hey human let get high weed shirt, but she’d read history too, and philosophy. And she had a phenomenal memory. She could quote passages and cite characters from practically any book you could mention. I’d like to claim credit for Millie’s breakthrough into the light, but it was her son Victor, also a teacher, who discovered the solution. He’d been driving her to appointments, and this time she asked to bring him into our session. He explained that his mom was starting a book club at the Newman Center, the Catholic ministry on campus.

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The priest told her it would fill up Baby Yoda hey human let get high weed shirt. She’ll help them pick the books and she’d lead the discussions! If people wanted, she could do more than one group. I didn’t think of this as ‘shocking’ but a Scandinavian friend who was with me thought I was being pretty silly. I had checked in to a hotel in Vienna a couple of hours too early to be allocated a room, left my luggage at their suggestion behind the Reception desk, and had gone out for lunch. Now I was back at the hotel with my husband, for a business meeting with this Scandinavian. It turned out that one of the documents was in a bag that was sitting behind the Reception desk, so I offered to go and retrieve the bag.



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