When I got home, my dad was there, my little sisters and Batman 80th Anniversary long live the bat shirt. My husband’s home was a long way away from my family, a few hours drive, so we were going to spend the night. It was the weekend, I was off work. Dad was 49 then and he had been complaining lately of some chest pain which he associated with acid reflux and was trying to self-medicate using only baking soda. Dad just hated doctors and no one could convince him to go see one. We stayed late after dinner, talking and joking around. My two sons were there, too, one a toddler, the elder a year older than the toddler. We went to bed. In the morning I was up early, taking care of the boys.

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My father in law was up, too. We had our Batman 80th Anniversary long live the bat shirt, followed by breakfast. I was dealing with the kids, my siblings… but my dad was not up yet. That was unusual because he was a morning person, but I figured he was sleepy because he stayed up late, or because he had a restless night. We’re getting ready to hit the road and head back. I’m thinking it would be rude of my Dad not to get up and see us off before we leave, not so much for me and the kids but for my father in law. He was an older man and we deserved some respect. So I decide to wake him up. I sat on the edge of the bed, and gently try to wake him up.



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