I found him crouching in the corner of the hall and Black cat is this Jolly enough shirt. He had peed most of the way down the hall while running from my boyfriend. From that moment on he was showered with love and affection. He was loved more than any dog could dream of being loved and I don’t think he took a second of it for granted. Little things would set him off. We changed his name because when my boyfriend would say his name he would cower. He loved his new name when he got used to it.

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I don’t think he had ever been in a Black cat is this Jolly enough shirt. When he would have an accident he would cower and hide because he was afraid. It took a long time before he would sleep in bed with us. We would pick him up on the bed but he would jump back down on the floor. After a while he would jump up, sprawl out and kick us out of bed! One day I was getting dressed and I walked down the hall to the dryer. He followed me (he always followed me everywhere) and when I grabbed my belt off the dryer he made a terrible noise and cowered to the floor while peeing all over himself.



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    I ordered a t-shirt and it was of really good quality. Very happy with my shirt and I would definitely recommend it to other people. Thank you.

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