I need to hand over the pictures to her or she will Boo boobees ghost halloween shirt. I already knew that was a crock so I had my dad’s lawyer write back stating that 1. It’s my home and I have every right to have a camera wherever I want, 2 Because of that, the pictures are my property, not hers and 3 Technically, she did not have permission to be in my house at the time so if they want to push the issue, I’ll have her arrested for breaking and entering.

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I have not heard a Boo boobees ghost halloween shirt. She stopped spreading lies and left me alone. I heard a year or 2 later that she got involved in some non profit organization and alienated a bunch of people with lies and manipulation. Not surprised by that at all. I did hear not too long ago that some health issues she had came to a head and now she’s in a wheelchair. I feel bad for that but I guess when you spend your life the way she did, that’s your karma. There are also a lot of different types of permanent life insurance. You should be aware of your options, but you can talk to a licensed insurance agent and/or a financial advisor to decide what type of policy would work best for your particular situation.



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