I was a teen: my father would often meet my Booooooks Boo Ghost read books Halloween shirt and, within five minutes, find something else to do, alone, while my mother and godmother chatted away happily in the kitchen while cooking way too much for everyone. It was their thing they enjoyed doing that. Eventually, I got married and started a family of my own, and my trips to my parents’ house became even more rare. Finally, when I was in my early 30s, visiting my father for what would turn out to be the last time at least, the last time when he wasn’t in a coma), he told me about the incident that changed everything.

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I didn’t have to Booooooks Boo Ghost read books Halloween shirt. It was like he was waiting until close to the end to tell me, I guess because he didn’t want to spoil any childhood memories I had of my godfather? I don’t know. My father and godfather were both machinists for the Navy, at the same base, but they didn’t work together until I was a teenager. That’s when my father got promoted and his area of the machine shop expanded to include the area where my godfather worked. Part of his promotion required him to be the first to receive complaints from the employees beneath him. And my godfather was the subject of several complaints. Specifically, that he harassed the female workers. My father eventually learned, via walking in on it happening, that my godfather was having an affair with one of those coworkers.



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