The worst was watching a regular become a Class of 2020 Quarantine season Corona shirt. She was the sweetest woman when she first started coming. She played table minimum, just wanted to have a little fun. Over the next 6 months, she became the highest loyalty level. She was there every single night. She moved to the town next door. Over the next year, she lost her business. She became a drunk, obnoxious slob. Over the next year and a half, she started hooking up with men for a hundred bucks to play. She was sending her kids to school from the casino hotel. (Her mom eventually took them. She would sit at the table until she had nothing left and couldn’t keep her head up.

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I haven’t seen her in about a year. Class of 2020 Quarantine season Corona shirt, and wish her well. I’m thinking positive and hoping she’s in recovery, and not that she moved to another casino area. Watching it was like watching a heroin addict go from recreational pill popping, to full blown needle injections over a period of time, right before your eyes. The transformation is indescribable. One day I was trudging up the stairs out of the 1-line 110th St subway stop in New York City with the going-home traffic. It’s wall to wall people. Someone’s on every step, two or three or even four side by side, depending on if the mob is taking up both sides of the stairwell.



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