She only ate half of it and offered the rest to her Dodgeball and dragons shirt, who thankfully, for it would have been a waste proceeded to eat the gigantic prawns left on the platter. Did I mention she was also ordering expensive red wine by the glass? I was sitting down at the end of the table away from her and at first I didn’t really notice what was going on, until I saw the prawn transaction and saw the huge platter in front of her and realized this was going to be an expensive evening. At about the same time, another solo person at the table, seeing an opportunity of his own, (and probably thinking how great it was to be with this free-spending crowd), started ordering one signature cocktail after another.

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We had never even met Dodgeball and dragons shirt. He latched on to our group with another couple we know. Of course, when the bill came, it was enormous. My partner and the other men at the table were gentlemen and split the inflated bill evenly among us, and we all went our way, saying niceties to each other as we said goodnight. Needless to say, we were bothered. Part two of this story: a few weeks later some girlfriends of mine arranged a birthday dinner for me, and the same friend as above was included. I was having a lovely time and enjoying it, but now that I was on to her, I watched what she was ordering. Sure enough, while the rest of us were being considerate and ordering with discretion, she was ordering those big expensive reds and a main plate outside of the fixed menu we had all chosen.



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