It wasn’t until years later, when doing a Dwight Club Fitted shirt, that I discovered my mother and her sister ended up in an orphanage during the Great Depression. The census record of their whereabouts was made difficult because both their names were misspelled, as well as differently from each other, although they resided together in the same orphanage. I can only imagine the suffering they endured during this time, when many in America were starving, looking for work, their savings having been held in banks that collapsed.

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My mother was deaf in one Dwight Club Fitted shirt. I always wondered after I heard this tale, if that could have originated from the gunshot she heard as an infant laying so close to her father. No way to know, eh? There was no other family history of deafness. My grandmother never recovered, although at the time she was hospitalized in a sanatorium, the “cures” were not likely to have resulted in a healthy outcome. Repeated ice cold baths, non-diabetic insulin injections, electric shock treatments, chained to walls in straight jackets and other treatments too barbaric to recount. She died at the age of 93, having spent the majority of her life there.



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