She left her husband within a El Jefe De Chefe OG Chef’s shirt. We took a good many cruises together and none of my coworkers found out. I was single and we loved sex together but the relationship idea never seemed right. After a couple of months, she said she’d met someone. She wanted on more cruise before we ended it. She had told me that one of her fantasies was that a man would grab her and restrain her and do whatever he wanted to her without really hurting her. When we were underway on the final cruise and her back was turned, I grabbed her and handcuffed her.

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I was afraid she would get mad. It is not my nature to hurt a El Jefe De Chefe OG Chef’s shirt. She was shocked but when I reminded her of the fantasy, she calmed. When we were anchored in a secluded creek off the waterway, I took her to the mast and hooked a halliard to the cuffs and pulled it to lift her hands over her head. For a while, I sat on the foredeck and stared at her. She was asking what I was going to do. She was excited and a little apprehensive. I took off her blouse and shorts and stared at her in her bra and panties. Eventually, I took them off and relished staring at her.



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    Easy process to design & Excellent quality product. Could not fault anything from start to finish would highly recommend ??

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    I have only recently found this company but straight away I’ve had 4 orders and all perfect. Delivery is quick and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better service for the price.

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    Excellent, great quality, perfect for an orange freak son. Many Thanks.

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    It was so easy from designing the shirt to receiving it – highly recommend.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.