Whether that was from a problem with the actual food or Grandma is my name bingo is my game shirt. it didn’t matter as much as my letting the customers know that I was genuinely concerned that they have the best possible time and was working to improve things. There is a difference between the server who doesn’t genuinely care about their customers or their job and spends their extra time gossiping or taking little breaks in the back while the customer waits unattended and the server who is slammed through no fault of their own, and is going 90 miles an hour trying to balance their service to all their tables and never let their stress affect their interactions with their customers.

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We got flagged down at a Grandma is my name bingo is my game shirt. The guy from one car tells us the other car hit them, two guys got out of the front, one reached into the back, then ran off. A few seconds later, a girl got out the back and walked off. He pointed out which way she went, described her and said it was only 2 minutes ago, so off we went. We found her at a bus stop, waiting for a bus with a bag over her shoulder, and we invite her into our car for a chat. Something’s not right she says she’s never been arrested, but the name and DOB she gives have been arrested 5 times. She’s also several inches shorter than the person who was arrested when we last recorded their height.



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    Very prompt service. T-shirts good size and quality. Easy to use the website and printed exactly as ordered. Will have no hesitation in using again. Thanks

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    If you want a Groovy T Shirt these are the people to use. Thay are great I will keep coming back for more.

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    Can’t fault them, love the shirts.

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    Definitely will be ordering again. This service and quality is 110%. Thank you.

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    Needed a t-shirt printed for a cosplay i was doing. Very impressed at the value for money. The site was super easy to navigate and i was able to design and order a very reasonably priced t-shirt in super fast time. It was delivered quickly and i was very happy with the end result.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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