As if those two things weren’t bad enough, Grateful Dead Super Bowl LIV Champions Kansas City Chiefs shirt. All. Day. Long. This meant she expected for her and her two daughters to be fed breakfast, lunch, and snacks and would only leave before dinner because both our husbands came home at the same time. He was a nice guy, but her not so much. I tried being polite the first few days thinking she was just excited that a family with kids moved to the neighborhood. But after several days of her showing up bright and early and staying all day I told her this was not acceptable. I’m not antisocial, I just prefer to focus on my kids and responsibilities rather than entertaining guests for ten hours at a time for days on end.

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On day three or four days of this, the knock is still coming in the Grateful Dead Super Bowl LIV Champions Kansas City Chiefs shirt! This particular morning, however, the kids were alone. I asked where their mother was and they told me she wanted to go back to sleep and told them to come to my house! I’m not a babysitter, and I’m certainly not a free one for someone I’d barely classify as an acquaintance. I was pissed. I’d been forced to entertain Monica and the girls for days on end, and was hopelessly behind on chores, and here they are again! However, since it was just the girls, I thought, hey, the kids can play and maybe with my kids occupied, I can get caught up! I let them in and planned to have a talk with Monica when she showed up for her kids.



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