Before I became a beekeeper I had only been stung a few times in my Guinea pig best mom ever vintage shirt. The first few stings I got as a beekeeper were painful and memorable. In fact, my body got somewhat swollen and I broke out in hives I chuckle every time I say that, as I had literally just set up my bee hives. Jumping ahead a few years and I was working for a commercial beekeeper. Being stung became a regular occurrence. Since then, stings don’t bother me as much. They still hurt, but I get over it quicker. Stings also cause less, more localized, swelling.

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I have two children, three and six years old at the time of Guinea pig best mom ever vintage shirt. For them, bee stings are traumatic. I think the psychological aspect of bee stings is not something to take lightly, and this is exemplified by stung children. Honey bees, unlike most other bees and wasps, have barbed stings that remain embedded in the skin after the bee flies off. This kills the bee, but allows the sting the potential to deliver the full payload of venom. This way the bee can still accomplish the goal of deterring a predator even when she is brushed off or smashed. The venom sac continues to pump venom for around two minutes, while the two-part barbed sting digs itself deeper into the wound.



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