Try to take it in stride and just do the best you can without suffering a Hard Rock cafe The Lion King shirt, which many students do. A lot of students come out of there so crushed by the experience that it takes them decades to regain some semblance of the self confidence they had before they got there. If you have ever seen the moviethe savagely brutal training given to the Spartan warriors, starting at age 7, sort of reminded me of Harvard. It is not for the faint of heart. And one more thing, remember. If you hang yourself in your room, as a number of kids have done over the years, the School couldn’t care less. It is a giant institution, like General Electric, and you are nothing but a mote of dust there.

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To emphasize the reality of all this I am compelled to relate two Hard Rock cafe The Lion King shirt. My younger brother got into Harvard two years after I did, He had arranged in his Freshman Year to meet a friend of his from our high school who was also in his Harvard Class. My brother walked over to his House as the dorms are known at Harvard to meet him for dinner. He arrives at his door and knocks and gets no answer. He knocks a few more times and getting no reply he pushes open the door. There hanging by a rope from the ceiling fixture, is his high school friend, dead as a door nail. The incredible thing is that there was no mention whatsoever of these events in the Harvard Crimson or anywhere else.



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