She looks stunned and I say (as nicely as I’m a DJ not a juke box shirt, “You need to take care of your own children. That’s not my job! Don’t send them over to my house for the day while you sleep! I’m not able to take care of my home and children with other people over constantly. If they want to play together outside sometimes, fine, but they’re not welcome in my home anymore.” She says, “That’s not very Christian of you!” “Yeah, you don’t want to go there! Your kids peed on my carpet! Both of them! You’ll want to get them out of their wet clothes and bathe them!” Then I turned and stomped back home, super pissed off that she didn’t even apologize or anything!

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The next morning, it’s early. The house is quiet. I’m a DJ not a juke box shirt. Next thing I know, my daughter’s shaking my shoulder. I look up at see it’s not even seven in the morning. She says, “Someone’s in our back yard.” I tell her to go to her brothers room and close the door and do not come out until I get you. I’m thinking someone’s lurking, possibly with ill intent. I go to the dining room and peek out the curtains and those girls are in my backyard using my kids’ swing set! Who does that?



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