She began arguing with me demanding that she wanted to In a world full of Grandmas be a GiGi Mickey Mouse shirt and why wouldn’t I recommend instructions on how to use that product. I could get nowhere trying to reason with this girl who wouldn’t listen to any of my recommendations for treating this serious burn on her arm. It was incredibly frustrating and par for the course of the typical interactions I’d had with unreasonable customers which were few and far between. I told them that Terazol was the most effective product but that it was, and still is prescription only. He then asked me why I as a pharmacist didn’t make it available for purchase over the counter.

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I told them that I had no influence over what medicines the In a world full of Grandmas be a GiGi Mickey Mouse shirt. He continued to argue with me and started yelling that it was my fault this medicine wasn’t available over the counter despite my explanations of the legal process for changing a medicine’s prescription status. I wasn’t going to be able to reason with him I told him that I could no longer ignore the prescriptions I had to check for waiting customers and that I would have to get back to my work. Again, this was par for the course in the few interactions I had with customers who came to me for advice but who already had a course of action predetermined in their minds that no amount of advice or reason could change.



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  1. Moteefes Support

    This is our second year of ordering T-Shirts to promote our annual musical theatre show. It’s so simple to add the design and personalise. I ordered 25 different ones on the Sunday and received them on Tuesday! Any problems have always been resolved very quickly and with no hassle. Exceptional service and excellent value for money!

  2. Jean MacFarland (verified owner)

    There was an error with my order – the wrong size was sent – however this was quickly rectified by reprinting on the correct size. Service was was very friendly and efficient.

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  3. Jean MacFarland (verified owner)

    Great quality clothing. Happy with my order.

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    Thank you for such great service, easy to deal with, great quality and fast delivery.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.