He was angry about a song I had been listening to Mickey Mouse Santa Disney Christmas shirt, and I didn’t have time before my shift started, so I apologized he was hurt and asked if we could discuss it later. He continued with the silent treatment all day, at which point he was furious that I didn’t know what I did! It turns out that he felt I slammed his car door and didn’t know why anyone would put up with someone who did that. I was pretty much done. I have a story about something that happened to me when I was seven, and it has stuck with me for my entire life because it was one of those.

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I will never do that to Mickey Mouse Santa Disney Christmas shirt. I had been invited to dinner at my friend’s home, and I was excited. We were having a great time playing and riding our banana seat bicycles when her mom called us in for dinner. Of course, like most children during that time, she and her sister drank milk. I politely asked for water, and her sweet mother was happy to oblige. I don’t remember what entree was served but when the veggie pass around came to me, I just remember these little green balls with a horrible stench. I had never even seen one before but I could tell by the smell it was not for me.



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