From personal experience both with my birth mom and a Minnie Mouse strong nurse shirt, a narcissist will either a. Try to make you feel bad for them and frame it so that way you think they’re the victim or b. Try to gaslight you in any way they can and make life difficult for you. Narcissists are the worst types of people out there and if you’re in any form of a relationship with one then your best option is to run. No matter who they are to you, call them out on how they’ve been treating you and neglect anything they say to try to sway you back into their corner.

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I stopped living with my mom a Minnie Mouse strong nurse shirt and trust me, it wasn’t easy. Every time I tried to explain my feelings to her, she’d either cry and be fake apologetic or tell me how ungrateful I was and how I should just leave. Predictably, if she cried I’d feel guilty and stay and if I tried to leave after she belittled me, she’d tell other family members how awful I was to her. Eventually I had to realize that she was a narcissist and that leaving her was for the best her being my mother or not. The following week, the couple invited us over for “supper” after the evening church service. We often ate BEFORE the evening service, but we were fine with waiting until after church to eat, and we were particularly pleased that they had made the effort to use the American term for the evening meal, so that we would know this time that it is a proper meal.



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