A large hospital just happened to Oregon Ducks women’s volleyball signatures shirt. But first I went to the office to let him know where I was going and why. I told the operator in the manager on duty I was going to the hospital to have my thumb looked at. They asked me why and I showed him my thumb open up the wound when you can see my bone! They all kind of freaked out and took me to the hospital right away! It was just next door to the emergency room. I went in there and showed him my thumb which was bleeding profusely by now. That didn’t faze him at all and they handed me some paperwork to fill out. so there I am with the clipboard on my lap filling out paperwork with blood dripping down all over the carpet!

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I wasn’t very happy about it, so I make sure I bled over the Oregon Ducks women’s volleyball signatures shirt, the chair, and the clipboard! It was kind of a strange experience bleeding profusely, but they would look at me until the paperwork was completed! Well my son was just 8 years old and one day he came home from school without his coat. My first instinct was that he had lost it and I laid into him, I was pissed. But then he explained that he had given it to a classmate, who was very poor and his family couldn’t afford a coat for him. I will never forget his words: “Dad, I have bunches of coats and he has none.” I felt like a dick, and looking down at him my angry eyes softened and I realized I was looking at a man. I was so proud.



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    First-rate service, quality of the print was excellent. Quick delivery time. Will defo use again.

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