He often used to drink with his buddies as the Oscars Academy Award Winner best actor Joaquin Phoenix shirt. He did check his Liver enzymes which were mildly elevated as per his usual drinking habit. His urine tests came back normal. For his ultrasound, he asked his radiologists to just look for any renal stones as the pain were right around the middle. They found nothing. Since he himself was just a test away from being a doctor, he self diagnosed himself with Ureteric Colic stone passing though the urinary pipe as the pain came and went.

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He took antibiotics prophylactically and Oscars Academy Award Winner best actor Joaquin Phoenix shirt. He cut back in his drinking. The pain would come in flares and it would subside when he took his painkillers and it would reappear when he got off his meds. He took around 3 courses of antibiotics in around 2 months when he was preparing and appearing for boards. When he felt nauseous and when he felt feverish, he’d start himself on antibiotics, otherwise on painkillers as per need. Since he was already on this third course of antibiotics, what we planned was if the pain came back after this course of antibiotics, he would opt for surgery. The next morning he called me complaining of pain.



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