I knew I had to do something to sure this gifted child had some opportunities that Pennywise The King Of Halloween shirt. I decided to talk to the school principal about having a class for gifted students and at first he did not agree. He was afraid that the kids involved would be considered different and there would be a chance they would be bullied. I agreed but I also knew other students who were also very bright needed to be challenged. I offered to teach this group of students during my free period if he would make the arrangements. I thought the best way was to ask these students if they would like to take drama class as an elective choice.

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Fortunately this student was interested and he agreed to Pennywise The King Of Halloween shirt. He was very enthusiastic and he auditioned for a role that required memorizing many lines and attending many rehearsals. He was chosen and he was amazing on the stage. His attitude changed and other teachers told me he was starting to do more work in their classes. I will always remember this gifted young man and I am thankful I was able to think of of a way to challenge him. I had a roofing company then. Nothing big but it paid the bills. Tax season fell right into my slow time so I applied to be a consultant and surprisingly got hired. And it turns out I was pretty good at it.



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