Dad parked and handed us some stuff and to the Pitbull to all my haters Dallas Cowboy shirt. City kids on the beach, didn’t know what to do first because it was all so cool and exciting to us. I remember, after some sun and fun in the sand and water, my attentions were drawn to the seagulls, much unlike the pigeons we had in the city. I pleaded with Dad to pretty please give me the keys to the van so I could get some bread to feed these neat birds. Dad was reluctant because the van was a little far off and well, of course, I was a ten year old. He had every reason to be as I see things now. He wanted me to be happy and relented and handed over the keys.

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Christine, do not loose these keys.” I said sure Dad, no problem, I promise. So I got the bag of bread, hot dog rolls or something and headed back down the beach towards Mom and Dad. Well, my excitement got the best of me and I opened the bag and put the little plastic tab on Dads key ring. I threw a peice of bread down or two and an amazing collection of these huge birds swooped down to feast right in my proximity. I was amazed and enthralled and slightly startled. They were much bigger then pigeons and their approach was a bit more aggressive then the pigeons feeding in the city parks as we sat on the bench. Of course, Dads last words to me were completely forgotten as I hastened to rid myself of the bread to calm the chaos of any more approaching birds.



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    Ordered a hoodie on the Monday was with me by the Thursday. The hoddie didn’t come as I designed it but contacted them and they

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