A couple of more years of honing your skills under observation and Post Malone you are a sunflower shirt. You’re into your thirties by now. That’s why there’s a fairly narrow range of skill for trained hand surgery specialists. That’s why, assuming no surprise impairments, your chances of getting a fine, skilled hand specialist are pretty high, whereever you go in the places such people work. Now take a psychotherapist. Nowadays free-standing for-profit programs, including online programs (!) turn out counselors and even psychologists in huge numbers. There are supervised practica and internships, but you are not supervised in person for individual therapy. You only get supervised on what you say about your work. I always wanted interns to be my co-therapist in group sessions. That way I could learn a lot about their talents and their developing skills.

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This is a system that produces Post Malone you are a sunflower shirt, highly effective therapists, a lot of average ones, and too many I wouldn’t send my Boston Terrier to. There’s an enormous range of variation in quality. So if you’re in a strange city and need a hand surgeon, there’s a very good chance it will be an excellent one. Not so with psychotherapists. You could get an amazing one, an average one, or even a total clunker. Fortunately, unlike surgical specialists, you can fire a psychotherapist while the therapy is going on and get a new one. And you won’t lose the use of your hand. You’ll be disappointed and frustrated, but in most cases not seriously harmed. Psychotherapy is a buyer-beware world. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. You are hiring someone to do something of extreme importance in your life.



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