If I massaged the material away from those areas the Santa United States postal service Christmas shirt, so I knew whatever this was, was the cause. It began oozing out of the holes in my skull, in my nostril holes, around my eye sockets and out of the ear holes. Not to the outside; but under my skin. My eye sockets would get full and affect my vision until I purged the stuff from my eyes. It tended to settle in my eyes at night when I was laying down and gravity settled it into hollows of my body. Every morning a good hour or two was spent massaging the substance out of my eyes and nostril holes so I could see and breath.

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My face began to fill up with whatever this Santa United States postal service Christmas shirt. Unfortunately the VA has a policy that if something does not show up in an x-ray or some type of visual test they will not pursue it. They do not do exploratory procedures. Dr. Bhavesh didn’t give up on me. About that time the VA came out with the CHOICE program. The VA had gotten so far behind on their appointments and care for the veterans they initiated a program that if signed off by your doctor, you could seek outside treatment. Dr. Bhavesh signed it with a flourish.



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