This I couldn’t deal with. He called me a great deal of Shaun Beergoyne Australia’s Silkiest since 2020 shirt in the slightest way godly or christian, and then grabbed my Bible and refused to let me have it back until I admitted that abortions were not okay. He still has my Bible and I have no intention of changing my opinion just to get it back. I was an addictions therapist. My clientele came exclusively from the local hospital Emergency Department. They had been screened by an interventionist there and referred to me for therapy. Both these people were suffering from acute liver failure. Obviously, in the world of alcoholism and drug addiction, with rampant Hepatitis C, liver troubles aren’t uncommon.

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But one doesn’t usually see Shaun Beergoyne Australia’s Silkiest since 2020 shirt. The overdose of acetaminophen alone would have destroyed the liver, but the huge amount of alcohol simultaneously sealed the deal completely. I saw each of these two people for two sessions about a week apart. After that, I had to visit them in intensive care at the hospital. When the liver fails, the system becomes flooded with ammonia among other things and the brain is basically soaking in piss. The person cannot think straight after that. There are drugs that bring temporary relief from this, but no cure.



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