When she got home, she found me stretched out on the Skull Metallica New York Yankees shirt, sheet white, body rigid and a huge softball sized lump in my left side! She rushed me to my doctor 45 minutes away no hospitals were close back then. By the time we got there, the lump was gone again, my body had relaxed and I could breathe and talk again. But this time she had seen and felt the lump in my side! Finally! Doctor examined me and found nothing took my Mom into another room and proceeded to tell her that she had bought into my delusion and that she was being conned by her daughter, the hypochondriac! That did not sit well!

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Two weeks and 40 doctors later a Skull Metallica New York Yankees shirt, did a barium x-ray and discovered my stomach was massively distended. They admitted me to the hospital immediately. The next morning, they did a minor surgery of putting a lighted tube down my throat with a camera on the end and discovered a mass in my stomach. The following day, I had major abdominal surgery to remove the mass. When I was little I used to chew on my hair, like many little girls. Only I would swallow it, also common. Apparently I swallowed the roots too. I stopped chewing my hair at 5 years old, outgrew the bad habit.



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