My dad is Sloths It’s ok to be Different shirt. He has always been a pretty toxic person so in general I have given him a pretty wide berth although courteously so. He is a successful academic who is still employed full time. He’s married to a younger woman who I have never liked, and I think I’ve probably not been tactful enough to cloak my distaste sometimes. He was very displeased that I’d gotten divorced some years ago … even though he had done the same exact thing some decades ago, shortly after which my mother passed away. One thing which has always made my soul black is that in my pre-adolescent years, he was a real domestic abuser. He hurt my mom quite a bit. She was a very, very petite person and couldn’t raise a hand against him.

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Anyhow, some years ago things reached a Sloths It’s ok to be Different shirt the most trivial mistake I’d made buying stuff for a party he and my stepmother were throwing. When they fussed at me over it, it was the last straw and I went nuclear. The details don’t matter. At any rate I went completely no-contact with them. I even moved a few states away, bought a house, got engaged, had a perfectly good life, and never told them about any of it it. They never made the slightest effort to reach me as far as I can tell.



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