I can see a book title having a slightly ironic or Star Wars This is The way shirt. But calling your psychologically introspective novel about a 13th century goat herder in Bulgaria Sexy Nekkid Girls is only going to antagonize readers when they read a few pages inside, in a print copy or in the Amazon preview function. At best it will confuse readers, or get your book miscategorized. None of these things will help your sales, or build trust or repeat sales for further works. I don’t understand the morality that mislabeling something teaches people a lesson. Why not sell a peanut butter container filled with household bleach? How would this be an important lesson that anyone deserves, or is improved by?

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A couple of Star Wars This is The way shirt, I was having constant headaches (this is important as it was what led to a final diagnosis by my regular doctor weeks later. A few days after getting to my dad’s, I started feeling lousy like I was coming down with something (mostly a very sore throat). The day after Christmas, I was miserable, so my dad took me to a doctor who diagnosed it as strep without doing a culture. He said my throat was very red and inflamed, and prescribed amoxicillin. For couple of days of taking that, I would wake up several times at night because I was gagging on my own phlegm because I drank some milk.



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    Great quality, great service. Easy to use web site. I will definitely be using again.

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    We are a charity in Edinburgh and a friend is doing the Kilt Walk for us next week. We wanted a t-shirt for her and we are absolutely chuffed with the service! Good quality t-shirt and a great print. The t-shirt arrived a day later than suggested so a £10 voucher was included which was generous, so we will be using it towards our next order.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.

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