You must at least taste the food I serve. I do Stitch listen music drink Dr Pepper shirt, but after dinner is over, you may make yourself a healthy option to eat. I encourage my children to taste something more than once because it takes up to seven times before your palette can decide if you like it or not. I do mean just a taste, like a spoonful or a little less. I never, ever force them to finish everything on their plate but dessert is reserved for those who eat a healthy meal.

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Remember, this is a Stitch listen music drink Dr Pepper shirt, so depending on your child’s age, a couple spoonfuls of everything, is more than enough. Children, like adults, often take more food than they can eat, so I encourage small first servings, reminding them that they can always have a second serving if they are still hungry when they have finished everything. I encourage you to have a free drawer in the fridge filled with fruit and veggies already cut up for them that they can snack on without asking. Children cannot sit down and eat three big meals, so snacking throughout the day on fruits and veggies, and healthy snacks won’t ruin their dinner. If they don’t eat as much at dinner, they will be fine as long as they have been snacking on good food during the day.



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