I can’t say that I have Stitch Ohana Christmas lights shirt and I probably never will. But at least I am in no danger now and I deal with the consequences of my childhood as it surfaces and as an adult I can put it in its proper place. The uncle in question is intellectually disabled and physically, although that is irrelevant to the story, and his father was his entire world. None of us knew how he would cope with his father’s death, but he seemed to be holding up somewhat ok, and insisted he would be fine to help carry the coffin.

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We followed the hearse to the Stitch Ohana Christmas lights shirt, and let the crowd of nearly 1000 people gather near the grave as we prepared to bring Poppa to his final resting place. My uncle had started to shake severely, the realisation that he was no longer going to be able to see his beloved dad starting to set in. We checked on him, and though pale and shaking violently, he nodded assent that he would continue on. And so the procession began – in front, my boy, bawling his dear little heart out in distress, but still walking tall, the six of us carrying the coffin at a respectable distance, and back behind us, the funeral directors. Ahead of us were the huge crowd of mourners, eyes glued to us as we made our way toward the grave, all of us solemn, the mood gloomy.



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