After 2 weeks the same woman came to Stormtrooper and Darth Vader selfie with Kobe Bryant shirt, she asked for me specifically. It was my day to see patients in the OPD, so I met up with her. She told me she got admitted in the ICU for Urosepsis (that is her infection had spread from her urinary tract to her bloodstream and if she had been referred a day later, she could have gone into multisystem failure and it would have been really difficult for them to treat her. That was such a sucker punch to the gut. She came to thank me that I referred her timely and how she was alive because of me. I still think about that Canadian GP who gave me the insight on that case.

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That made me Stormtrooper and Darth Vader selfie with Kobe Bryant shirt and how out of depth I am working as a doctor. Because I not trained enough for all that is thrown my way. I didn’t have any seniors or any specialists to supervise me. The situation in rural areas is so pathetic because all the specialists stay in cities and our government sends us, mere medical officers to work here without any support. Why does Google want all of your information anyway? Simple: as stated, Google isn’t a search company anymore, they’re a tracking company. All of these data points allow Google to build a pretty robust profile about you. In some ways, by keeping such close tabs on everything you do, they may know you better than you know yourself!



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    Yet again Street shirts never let me down. Highly recommend.

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    resolved the issue within 2hours of my first contact via email. I now have a new hoodie on the way which hopefully will be as I designed as also left a note..

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    Excellent quality exactly what I wanted and fast prompt service thank you very much would highly recommend to friends and family.

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    I had 2 shirts made for myself and a friend to match, once they arrived I was not disappointed. The printing on the shirts was excellent. Will definitely be back.

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    I ordered a T shirt for a birthday present and it’s exactly as I imagined. I made a request, which was implemented and when it came there was a £10 voucher in there for the order being one day late and also a swee.

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    Good colours and good quality material.

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    Just a note to say that this was the easiest process to follow and I received my t-shirt within such a short time frame. I left it very late to order and I was really happy with the swift service. Also, the quality of the t-shirt is gorgeous, really soft and allows for great movement. Will be placing another order very soon, thank you.

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    Once again outstanding service on this order. “The” only site you’ll ever need for garments and printing.

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    A slight issue with my order was fixed immediately. Fantastic Customer Service.

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    Great quality product. Great service. I will be back.

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