I had this one thing happen when I was a Sunflower weed you are my sunshine shirt. I didn’t really let the person do this but it happened so I guess me and the others allowed it in some way. I was living in a newly built dorm at the time. It was 2 buildings semi attached, 3 floors and a basement. Me and some friends lived on the first floor. We where having a smoke out..getting really stoned and watching some movie having laughs etc when one of our friends who lived on the first floor in the next building came by.

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I didn’t notice at once but something was up. I could see everyone getting nervous by him Sunflower weed you are my sunshine shirt. Then he asked me if I would mind him peeing on the telly. Me..being stoned giggled and anwsered -Yeah sure. So he did. 8 people in shock staring at him wondering wtf is going on. Mind me pissing on a telly might not be so shocking but…what he did next was freakish. After peeing on it he then grabbed the tv and literally threw it over his head in to the wall. Imagine lifting a 40″ old school thick as fuck tv over your head..yeah.



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    Again excellent service and quality, I bought from Street shirts before and was waiting to see how it would wash before purchasing more, it turned out great, the same quality of others I’ve bought for twice the money, ecstatic.

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