I knew from the time I was a kid that she’d had a Supernatural baby it’s cold outside Christmas shirt and had been abused or neglected to some extent, but it was unclear what exactly happened. My senior year of high school, she started getting really erratic, she seemed to be unable to control herself anymore and she was like a different person at least 10 times a day, with no memory of even half of what she’d done. And then she started telling me the whole truth about her life. Which was that she’d been sexually abused by my grandparents for years, but most especially my grandma. The abuse that happened to Sybil was very similar to what happened to my mother, and then I just knew: my mom had multiple personalities.

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I also totally dismissed my instincts at the time because my mom’s behavior was not Supernatural baby it’s cold outside Christmas shirt. My mom was much more subtle, you almost couldn’t tell the difference. But that stuck in my mind. Well, it turned out my instinct was correct. Years later, my mom decided to get therapy because she’d been dissociating her whole life and she was tired of the giant memory gaps. So she went through EMDR and then her alters made themselves extremely well known. All 42 of them. I wound up living with her for years, helping her through her therapy, and it was a wild experience. I may write about it some day, I don’t know. But a few years before she died, she started integrating because she felt safe and her alters were no longer needed. But that in a nutshell was the big secret in my family that explains my mother and her wild, erratic, totally unpredictable behavior.



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