This girl ended up being the best employee we’d ever Team Minnesota Vikings legends signature shirt. Some servers would max out at 4–5 tables, giving progressively declining levels of service until guests were annoyed waiting for drinks of forgotten orders. Ariel, on the other hand, could handle tables like it was nothing and she’d do the dishes too. Her tips were always higher than everyone else’s because she worked hard and got the job done, always with the loveliest smile. No matter how many tables she had, each one felt like they had her complete attention.

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As our business grew, we opened another location and hired a Team Minnesota Vikings legends signature shirt. She wasn’t very intelligent, and I’d often have to remind her to leave her phone stowed while she was on the clock. This was in 2007, so everyone in the world wasn’t addicted to their phones yet and in any case, nobody should wait to be seated til their hostess finished playing solitaire. Here in Washington State, we’re required to hang posters so our staff knew about labor laws and minimum wage standards. It very clearly stated both on the sign AND in the state’s labor board website that a person who is fired is to receive all of their outstanding pay on the following payday.



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    This is our second year of ordering T-Shirts to promote our annual musical theatre show. It’s so simple to add the design and personalise. I ordered 25 different ones on the Sunday and received them on Tuesday! Any problems have always been resolved very quickly and with no hassle. Exceptional service and excellent value for money!

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    Great quality, great printing and perfect size!! Shipping was speedy enough – my order arrived 2 days after the expected delivery date and a £10 gift voucher came with it as way of apology, which was really thoughtful and appreciated!! Also a vegan sweet, so thanks for that 🙂 I’ll definitely be ordering from you guys again and again for many future occasions. can’t fault it.

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    Very good product and delivered quickly.

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    Once again i have received a fantastic shirt in such a speedy time. very impressed. will use again

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