I can answer this question. The Return of YAZ Boston San Francisco shirt. I work overnights. So I sleep during the day. So when I woke up. My dad said he had company. Most people that come over have been pleasant. I just say hi and see what is to eat or drink in the refrigerator. But last night. Turned out it was my dad’s mother. Bit of a background on me. It takes me a lot to get me mad. I hate drama. I try to respect my elders. But I just can’t stand my dad’s mom. She criticizes everything and everyone.

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I was just minding my own business. The Return of YAZ Boston San Francisco shirt. And she just out loud said, you’re drinking tea again ? I saw you drink one a few mins ago. I had a long talk with my dad. I told her I’m done with her. All my life she told me negative things to me and insulted me. All my life she called me fat and told me how to eat. I don’t want to be around her anymore. I don’t need toxic in my life. You don’t insult people and tell them how to eat in their own home. It’s rude. I think she was mad because I didn’t want to eat her pot of beans she brought over. I don’t her I just don’t like beans.



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