Dress and big ol’ hat and all! I almost laughed out loud but The Witcher character signatures shirt. So Sister What’s Her Name shows us to a table acting like she was putting us where Dr. King would have sat, never mind that we are the only people in there besides her and whoever was in the kitchen and then hands us these menus that looked for all the world like programs at the local AME Church! If this thing had had a stick stuck to the bottom I would have fanned myself with it and thought no different. Lord have mercy….lol! Anyway, we ask Sister Girl for sweet tea and she says “we ain’t got no sweet tea. We got’s lemonade tea up in here” like it was champagne or something!

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I am just dying trying not to The Witcher character signatures shirt and she goes off to get our holy water special tea and we start looking at the menu. Now, y’all, I didn’t’ mention in my little pre-history portion about how Soul-Food tends to be fairly inexpensive because most folks who are going there can’t afford to be eating at high dollar places and wouldn’t want to if they could. This ain’t the kind of food that’s expensive anyway. It’s Grandmama food. Hell, some of it, maybe most of it is food from the slave days and y’all know wasn’t nobody eatin’ real good as no slave, so this food tends to be pretty inexpensive as I said.



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