They might not know how bad narcy truly is, but they know something This is my awesome Grandma costume witch shirt. They know narcy is mean and two faced at minimum. And this knowledge they still participate in narcs outright horrid behaviour. Putting you in situations they know you’ll be humiliated, excluding and isolating you shaming you and undermining you. All just so they can remain loyal and be in Narcys good books. That made no sense to me and tore me apart real bad. It really messed me up to be treated so brutal and dismissively by not just the narc but their minions too. People I wanted to know and cared about. After going no contact, I isolated myself for a while and had social anxiety. I felt paranoid and completely disconnected from myself.

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I needed to take a lot of time to mediate, calm my mind and This is my awesome Grandma costume witch shirt. Recovering from narc abuse is a pretty long process. It takes time to understand and sort out so much that makes no sense at all. It’s like you’ve been completely derailed and before you can get back on the tracks and start moving forward, you need to clean up this huge wreck. So, for a while, I thought I had lost faith in people. I felt angry, sad and felt like maybe I didn’t care anymore either. But I don’t feel that now. I don’t feel that everyone is lying to me when I first meet someone new and I also don’t rush relationships and friendships. I take my time and I trust my intuition on what it’s telling me about people and I take my time with people getting to know me too.



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