Both happened at my local walmart. One time I needed to go to Weekend at Biden’s bring on the debates shirt and there were a couple of people ahead of me. The woman at the counter had a basket full of merchandise that she was returning. Each item had to be found, the cost rang up and then the appropriate refund. One at a time for an entire cart load with people now backed up across the entire front of the store waiting for customer service to get to them. The second time I was in line at a checkout and a woman had just had her entire order rung up and sacked at which point she handed the checker a stack of grocery store ads. Not coupons but the ads themselves for multiple stores.

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The checker had to Weekend at Biden’s bring on the debates shirt and then find the ad that showed the sale price for the item so the store could match it. That took the better part of an hour and we all know how many other checkers the store keeps at any given time. I personally don’t think their marriage would have lasted. In the past, royal and aristocratic men could always have their mistresses. Once their wife produced a couple of kids it was their duty to be seen with their husbands and family, then get on with her own life. Marriage was often political and was certainly a duty, so no scandal of a divorce. Charles and Diana’s marriage came on the heels of these traditions.



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