I was rubbing his arm when I noticed a We’re grown ups now so piss off shirt of seconds as these thoughts popped into my mind one after the other. Hubbies arm feels bigger.. and hairier.. and.. what is hubby doing on my side of the bed?? While I’m laying still rubbing his arm that is coming from my side of the bed my other hand slowly feels to see if .. OH MY GOD!! My hubby is laying on his side, so who’s arm is molesting me kneeling down beside me in bed.. I thought he may have a knife and if I moved or yelled he would stab me.

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I jumped as far as I could and landed right on top of my hubby which woke him with a We’re grown ups now so piss off shirt. And at that second we could hear the sound of jeans swishing as this guy was running out of our room. My hubby jumps up to chase ‘naked’ and hits the light switch he flicks the switch over and over then realise this guy had turned our power off at the mains. My hubby had to run through the house in the pitch black knowing someone could jump him at any moment. I’m just laying in bed trying to work out if I had just had a really bad dream or if this was for real.



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  1. Janet Yacino (verified owner)

    Needed a t-shirt printed for a cosplay i was doing. Very impressed at the value for money. The site was super easy to navigate and i was able to design and order a very reasonably priced t-shirt in super fast time. It was delivered quickly and i was very happy with the end result.

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    I am very happy and impressed with the outcome and price of my T-shirt. Can’t wait to print more designs with you.

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  3. Bethany howard (verified owner)

    Would buy again. Great service.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.