It wasn’t until I opened the Who did black people pray to before slavery shirt and asked him to pass my towel that he realized I wasn’t his father. He freaked and started apologizing. I was cracking up. I told him it was cool and nothing to worry about. His dad cracked up too. Don’t mind it, it’s quite normal and not weird at all, don’t worry. I’m 14 as well and most kids our age sleep with something I sleep with an old tiny pillow since childhood, my closest friends all sleep with stuffed animals. She was very young when she started telling me about the time before with the other daddy, when she died and I was so sad. There were more tellings from her about it, but I don’t remember too many of them anymore.

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It was weird. Once she got a bit older these tellings Who did black people pray to before slavery shirt. It always intrigued me. I was officially in a relationship for almost 6 months and before that we were just dating and spending time together. Everything seemed to be fine but I was the one who always taking care of her, driving her to work and back home, especially when she moved in with me. I used to buy everything and didn’t let her spend a penny because her salary wasn’t good. I got her a lot of gifts including a very nice Scottish fold cat despite that I’m allergic to cats and my allergy is severe but I did it to make her happy, and a lot more things.



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