So you have to protect your daughter. You don’t have a XXII Tennessee king shirt, she’s probably laying on the guilt and you came here to see if you were right. Tell your daughter to sit down and read a good book. She’ll hear all about it in the morning. Nine months from now you will all know what happened. She was excluded from school, long story, and having home tutoring. Said tutor was trying to teach my daughter all about algebra. For 7 months, I watched the tutor struggle to make sense enough for my daughter to grasp the concept. I got a bit worried when the tutor started yelling at my daughter. So, I asked if I could try.

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She let me have a go, as XXII Tennessee king shirt and said that if she couldn’t, with her specialist knowledge, I sure as hell couldn’t do any better, but as time was wasting, go ahead. Do the sum backwards. If it shows plus, you minus, and if it shows division, you multiply. So, start with what you know, and work backwards. Daughter got it in an instant!! Tutor tests her with more complex equations, daughter got it right! Tutor spen over an hour testing her, and finally had to agree that my rather daft method, although it went against all her teaching, actually worked! Tutor asked me how I knew this. Just told her that that is how I do it? She asked if she could use it to teach others. I said of course she could, I don’t own the method!!



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    Made and order a couple of tshirts. Simple to upload my custom images, good price and fast delivery.

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    Very pleased with overall product! I initially made a spelling mistake but emailed the team and they rectified it immediately! Excellent customer service! Would definitely recommend.

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