Jock was flat on his back in a blink. Which made him even more Yoda DJ I am hands up you must shirt. As the jock started to get up Rudy grabbed him and literally lifted him over his head and threw him. That took all the fight out of him and both jocks quickly left. Rudy looked at me and said, a male ballet dancer has to be able to pick up a girl to over his shoulders and gently carry her as if she was floating, and make it look effortless. loved that lady very much! Her name was Mrs. Regina. I helped her in any way I could: cleaning, cooking, doing laundry. Whatever she needed, I did it for her. After a couple of months living with Mrs. Regina, she promised she would make me a wedding dress. I was at the time so I didn’t think much about it, my only concern back then was school.

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Once my mom was able to rent an apartment, we left her Yoda DJ I am hands up you must shirt, but we always visited. I would go to her house on some weekends and help her with the cleaning or buying groceries. I always showed her my gratitude for helping us. As I grew up, I continue visiting her and I never forgot her birthday. When I went to her funeral, one of her sons told me that she left me a package at her home. I was surprised because I had gone to her house for so many years and I never saw any packages around. It turns out that she really meant it when she said she would make me a wedding dress. Inside the package was a letter addressed to me, telling me how she longed to have a daughter and she saw me as one.



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