Well, let’s be honest here. Either you’re willing to listen to experts, or Yoda I’m late sorry want to come I didn’t shirt. We all know that Donald Trump is not a doctor, much less an epidemiologist, and that he has a history of saying stunningly false things in order to serve his own interests at the detriment of everyone else. So, if your concern is about the pandemic, and you understand the danger of the high morbidity of Covid19 not mortality! The risk is that it will overwhelm our hospitals, not that we’re all just going to die. Then obviously, the experts are right and there’s no reason for further discussion on the subject. Right now, we’re looking at a major economic problem. Well, several problems.

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On the one hand, the market uncertainty along with Yoda I’m late sorry want to come I didn’t shirt and trade and a major drop in consumer spending has hit the stock market incredibly hard; the DJIA is way down. On the other hand, unemployment has spiked, and a great many people are now out of work and looking at being unable to pay next month’s rent. This is an astoundingly bad idea. The entire reason for “social distancing” has been to prevent a disaster. But going back to work, especially at a time when we have not been doing massive testing and right when the disease is projected to be the most rampant, is a recipe for the very disaster experts have been trying to avert. And that disaster will cause more economic harm than we are currently experiencing.



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